Saturday Morning

I've come to love Saturday mornings....I used to hate them. I love to get up very early and get a few tasks done before the rest of the family rises. Although this morning, Noah, in anticipation of his dad coming over woke up at 6am. So here I sit...coffee beside me. I am able somehow, to ignore the sounds of Noah and Peter playing a Sonic game, while Oliver tries hard to get their attention. At times, all the noise is glorious....those are the moments when I feel especially blessed. Oliver interrupts me to get an apple, then a cracker, then a bananna....he's eaten them all. See! He's NOT going to die of starvation.
I'm excited at the prospect of having a new outlet. I'm terrible at keeping "books" up for each of the kids. I wrote in Noah's for about 9 months. Oliver, well, I bought one and made an entry shortly after he was born. And Linus....I have no book for him.
Oliver interrupts to tell me that if Ellie eats the crackers on the counter (which is where she's perched), he's going to put her in the naughty spot.
Now, see! This is a perfect example of why I need this. I'm terrified of forgetting it all. Oh I know I won't forget the big things, it's the little things that Steven and I laugh about when we get in bed at night. The things that we don't always let the kids know WE think are funny because they are mildy (or not so mildly) inappropriate or crass, and laughing in front of them would only encourage repeating said inappropriate or crass comment or behavior.
I hear the clothes dryer still going, and I don't hear a peep from Linus, so do I want to write, or try to get some sewing done? I've managed, in the last week, to make a pair of "Thomas" pants for Oliver, and a pair of pants for Lydia. I've got some flannel to make a pair for Linus. So I'm off to sew.

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