Ever wonder what to do with all those shopping bags? I found a tutorial on etsy for fusing plastic bags. I have some of the re-useable ones from Trader Joe's, but to buy enough to do a whole weeks worth of shopping would cost a fortune. So my goal is to make my own. My first few attempts at fusing were unsucsessful. It took a few tries to get the iron on just the right setting, and find the right kind of paper. Success came when I used the wool setting (no steam), and vellum which I use for tracing patterns. When I finally had enough to start with, I sat at the sewing machine to see how it would sew up, and was thrilled to find that it worked beautifully. The kids thought this was all very cool. Noah has taken over the job of ironing the bags, while Peter is eager to make things with the fused product. This mini-bag was ultimately used by Peter for as a "Valentine mailbox" at school. We glued a few crepe paper hearts on it, and voila!

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