Busy Weekend

No sleeping in this weekend...not that there ever is! My fingers and feet were busy busy busy. Aside from cleaning (didn't do enough of that), and laundry (almost did all of that), my little fingers were at work creating what I have now decided is going to be the design of Linus' entire summer wardrobe. I re-purposed a man's plaid/seersucker button-down shirt into a shirt and bloomers for Linus...and I just LOVE IT!

I can't take all the credit though. When I went to the Green Street Fair in Plymouth, one of the vendors had similar bloomers for sale, but used ribbons and bows. Seeing as how I have all boys, I told her I couldn't purchase any of hers, but loved the idea, so I must give her credit for inspiring me by linking to her site here. ~ The Baby Bits Company ~
Looking now at the pair on her homepage, aside from using the front of the shirt as the side seam on the bloomers, our designs are much different. Hers are awfully cute though!!!
On Sunday, we finally got started on the gardening. I do believe we MAY have it completed by September. It's not much, but it will be nice to grow some of our own
produce this summer. I REALLY wanted to join a CSA, but could not find one close enough. It would have been nice for the children to have the experience of really getting their hands dirty and putting in some work in exchange for our fresh organic produce, but it wasn't meant to be...not this year anyway. Linus sat playing on the lawn the entire time, and Oliver "helped". We didn't want to force the older boys to help as it was Sunday, but Noah came out to help rake the soil. Oddly enough, our little vegetarian stayed inside playing video games...I just couldn't coax him out.

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