Our Day Out With Thomas...or not

Steven and I were soooo excited to take Oliver to Greenfield Village for the Day Out With Thomas event that they have every year. Dressed in his homemade Thomas outfit, he had no idea where we were going. The look on his face was priceless as he started noticing other children in Thomas clothing, and almost all of them carrying Thomas baloons. Standing by the water wheel pond, we heard a tell-tale whistle, and Oliver said "that sounds like Thomas", and lo and behold, Thomas chugged by, still quite in the distance, but close enough to see that it was REALLY Thomas. Well as soon as we got to the station and saw Thomas close-up, Oliver wanted nothing to do with him, and the news that we were going on a ride on Thomas in a couple of hours was met with a look of horror. So for the next couple of hours Oliver had a great time participating in all of the other events that they made available for the children. The weather was certainly ideal, and we all had a nice time. When 4:00 rollded around and it was our turn for the train ride, Oliver was still wrought with fear over the idea, and so Noah took the ride by himself.
Funny how we thought we were making Oliver's dream come true. When, in fact, his dream is not to ride on a real, life-sized, noise-making, steam-puffing train at all. His dream is to have as many small-sized trains with which to play, and all the time in the world to play with them.

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