I've Been Mentioned!!

I've been mentioned on Label Free, and they link to my Etsy store. Thanks Karen and Aimee.

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  1. Hi! Jill, I cant beleive how big Noah has gotten. He does looks so much like Larry. The kids look great. Seems like your having such good time with them. You have found your calling! All is well here. Went to my last high school open house!!! I can't believe we've made it this far. Making plans for a work study this year and looking in to VoTech for after HS. Work is good, lots of changes hopefully, I will keep my job. I am taking a professional HR certification which will expand my knowledge and make me more marketable. Bruce is great. The best/healthiest relationship I have ever had. He loves me alot and I can feel it, its wonderful! Mom is good. Saw "the Women" last night. Jack and Jolene (jr. @ FDU) are good. Richies is going to RVCC and big Rich, well, he's kinda regressing. Take care. Love, Denise


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