Autumn Fun!

Oliver seemed to be obsessed with Halloweeen this year. For months, anytime he saw a billboard or sign, he'd say "look...it's halloween!". So I shouldn't have been surprised when I woke up on Friday morning to find him standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming "it's halloween...it's halloween!". Now...it's 6 am, and it's dark outside, (he's the last to get up, so it's usually already light out),so imagine how confused he was when I told him that we don't go trick or treating till after dinner when it gets dark.
We had such a fun day, just waiting for Noah and Peter to come home from school. Oliver was so excited, but I don't think he knew what he was excited about. We had a yummy dinner. I made a dish that I say Rachael Ray make on her show earlier. Tortellini in a pumpkin sauce. I modified it a bit, but it was a huge hit...especially with Noah and Peter.
After dinner we were off to grandpa Wally's. He spends weeks working on his "haunted" yard, and the kids get a big kick out of it, and it's a great neighborhood for trick or treating.

The kids loaded up on sugar, we stopped to visit grandma and grandpa Andrews, and headed home where they all passed out quickly in a sugar coma! My feeling is...let them have their fill for 2 days, then it's over. I take it all away.....AND EAT IT MYSELF....just kidding. I dispose of most of it, and keep a small stash for treats.

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