Oliver Funnies

Oliver is just full of funny little oddities lately, I have to write them so as not to forget.
Last week after saying his blessing before dinner, he discovered his food was too hot to eat:
Oliver: It didn't work.
Steven: What didn't work?
Oliver: My blessing didn't work.
Steven: What do you mean your blessing didn't work?
Oliver: My food is still hot.
A few days later after saying blessing and tasting his food he remarked that "this time my blessing worked, my food isn't too hot."

Yesterday in the car:
Oliver: I want to change my name.
Jill: What do you want to change it to?
Oliver: Gase
Jill: Is that your first name or last?
Oliver: First
Jill: Are you changing your last name too?
Oliver: Ummm...yes. Jason.
Jill: Gase Jason?
Oliver: Yes
Here, instert James Bondish music...Gase Jason...man of mystery!

This is a photo from this morning. He's wearing a suit that belonged to my brother Chris, circa 1966. You can tell by the cut that it's a 60's style, but fit Oliver like a glove.

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