A Blessed Christmas

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Despite being out of a job, coupled with the daily chaos, the secular world hounding us to buy, buy, buy, and trying to raise 4 boys to go against the grain, Christmas was filled with a host of blessings. Oliver was thrilled to see his train table which now takes up a third of his room. It will make for hours and hours of creative, imaginative play, and already has. Keeping Linus from tearing the tracks apart like Godzilla is another issue.

christmas 08 17

Noah's most exciting gift was a standing basketaball backboard for the driveway. Once it's assembled, I'm sure I'll never get him in the house...cold or no cold.

christmas 08 3

Linus appears to be a budding percussionist (or tightrope walker) so Santa saw fit to give him a drum...and harmonica....and maracas. We're trying to discourage the tightrope walking and related circus-like stunts, and thankfully Santa agreed.

christmas 08 14

Peter's favorite was a new Star Wars Lego, although I couldn't believe that there was one he didn't have...obviously I was wrong.
christmas 08 23

Steven got a homemade nightshirt and sleeping cap with a tassle. The tassle was a must, and part of the request. I HATE following patterns, and sewing adult clothes is not my specialty, so it was definately a labor or love.

nightshirt and cap 4

He also insisted on traditional wassail, and made it himself. Definately NOT my cup of tea, but his mom and grandmother liked it. It looks yummy though!

Christmas wassail 2

The true spirit of the day resonates most in the few minutes I spent with an old homeless man that we see often when coming home from church. Steven and I had separate cars, and I didn't have any money in my wallet...I stopped anyway thinking the least I could do is give him a little of my time. I spent a few minutes digging through my purse and the car for change sobbing the whole time thinking "it's Christmas, I can't leave him out here on Christmas". I felt like a bafoon...I'm usually smiling and talkative. He chatted cheerfully, and was grateful for the 5 or 6 dollars I was able to dig up. I offered to go get some blankets and food, and as always he said what I'd done was enough. I wonder how many other "regular donors" he has, and if any of them realize that his are the eyes of Our Lord.

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