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I have started and stopped posts for weeks now. Not feeling much like writing, or just busy? Interruption after interrupion...if someone wakes up and starts cring I'll just scream!
Thanksgiving has come and gone, and was quite lovely...my favorite was Julie's spinach and artichoke dip! I made my pumpkin cheesecake which was my best yet, and whoopie pies. I thought they were delicious. There would have been more, but in a moment of stupidity I put them on the back porch for a few minutes to accelerate cooling and a squrrell helped himself to a few. AND had the nerve to sit there and eat them in front of me!!!

thief, originally uploaded by sunshine0216.

Steven and Bill said they smelled like fish....what???? The kids made a gingerbread house which as you can see became home for a monkey...no surprise there.

thanksgiving 08, originally uploaded by sunshine0216.

The drive home from Milford, well it was a memorable one. Oliver started crying the minute we got in the car. "Hungry! My body is hungry!" Linus chimed in, and we had crying "in stereo". That went on for 15 minutes while Steven and I tried to say our Rosary. 30 seconds after they quited down and fell asleep, FLAT TIRE...yep, that's what I said. Poor Steven had to put the spare on in the freezing cold, no gloves, and 2 screaming toddlers in the backround...he's a saint.

I'll have to add more later. The battery is running low and I'm too lazy to go plug in.

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  1. The gingerbread house with the monkey= classic. (I stumbled over here from the Ottobre group.)


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