Happy 4th Birthday Oliver

Oliver and Lydia as a hotdog

My little Oliver turned 4 yesterday. As he sat in my lap and snuggled early in the morning, I attempted to tell him the story of his birth...he wasn't very interested. He WAS interested however, in discussing the days events which couldn't begin soon enough for him...or me. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw his new bike!

Before presents was a trip to The Henry Ford...it's all about the trains. With us came Grandpa Wally, Uncle Bill, Aunt Julie, Violet, and of course Lydia.
Aside ~ Julie told me that Lydia was up at 6 waking them up saying "do you know what today is"? She was just as excied about Oliver's birthday as he was (maybe even more).
So our first stop was the Weinermobile Cafe at the museum for lunch where we dined on....you guessed it...weiners! Anything you can imagine (and some you can't) putting on a hotdog...they've got it. Then it was off to the trains where Oliver can tell you just about everything you want to know about the Allegheny.



Home for presents and cake which surprisingly, was *not* a train this year. He asked for a dinosaur cake which conveniently I already had a mold for.
Funny thing though. When Oliver saw me decorating the cake he got really upset...crying and everything...because the dinosaur was smiling. He said he wanted the dinousaur to be roaring, bearing his teeth and claws. You know, the more that your kids know you are capable of, the more they come to expect from you.

Dino cake

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