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Oh, I admit it...I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I used to...I need to feel inspired. Well, today has most certainly been one of those days that inspires...hmm...is that the right word? I guess if you have a blank canvas, speckle with BBQ sauce, smear with Comet, sprinkle on some salt, grab a bag of grass, mud and a rock and stick that somewhere, hold it ("it" being the canvas)under a downspout during a rain storm, sprinkle (no, remove cap and dump) more salt...well you get the picture...ba dum bump....get it...picture?...canvas??

Oh, I need a martini! Is it bedtime yet?

Here we go...one at a time.
Noah...pretty non-descript day until Steven found one of his latest works of art. Geez...are all tween boys as obsessed with...um...well, I know they're at the age where they're curious. Let me tell you...we're on top of it though.

~Aside~ Just glanced out the window and spotted Oliver running across the back yard carrying shovels full of dirt back and forth. Forth to where and for what? Do I really want to know...naaa...just keep typing Jill. And I'm also going to ignore what Linus is doing in the kitchen. I can tell it involves the heap of plastic shopping bags...yes, I know they're NOT toys, children can suffocate, yadda, yadda. As long as I still hear them rustling he's ok...breathing at least.

So we're on top of it...yes! We have responsible, mature discussions...they come and ask questions...we do more than give them anatomical, medical terminology and send them on their way...we do...we do. The picture was hideous, and I don't just mean artistically. I can take that, just give me an apology, say you won't do it again...is that too much to ask? Evidentally, yes! He proceeds to blame it on Peter, who's right next to him, and is quick to disagree. Uhh...we know the difference in their writing and their drawing. Asking who did it was STRICTLTY a formality. Finally Noah says that "maybe" he did draw it, but can't remember. Are we stupid? Enough!

Peter immediately jumps in as the "good son" as soon as Noah is sent to his room. After dinner, volunteered to help clean up, asked if there was anything he could do for me. Hey...I'm no fool...I put him to work, but was easy on him. He watched Linus for me while I got the dishes done. No easy task really, because Linus is a monster.

Noah and Peter...what they need is a break. I'm glad school will be out this week...the mood always changes here during the summer.

Oliver...what to say about him. Well, he's our little composer, and quite the lyricist. His songs generally revolve around the theme "I want my baby back in my heartland"....whatever that means, and they're filled with all kinds of mouthed sound effects very reminiscent of my brother Chris who also had a talent for creative sounds (I'm being kind here). Almost everything out of his mouth is hysterical, because he mimics that tween drama that overshadows everything Noah and Peter say. "Mom, I soooo want to go to the park today". Umm...how old are you?

As for Linus...I lost count as to how many times a week he gets a bloody lip, and a couple of weeks ago he chipped a front tooth and now has a nice space. He's fast, and I'm pretty sure he's chanelling Houdini or Jack Jack (the baby from the Incredibles), because I can turn around, and he'll be hanging from the ceiling fan in the blink of an eye. Laughing about it too...not at all frightened. No fear this one, no fear. While we're hoping to get a priest out of the gang, he's more of a Navy Seal or something...maybe a tightrope walker, or one of those guys who climbs to the top of suspension bridges to do repairs...I could speculate all night.

There's a glass of wine and a popsicle calling my name. Oh shut up, I know they don't go together, but I refuse to do either or.

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