Etsy Feature ~ Boutique Stitches

Can you say cool? Jennette from Boutique Stitches is bringing some Punk and Rockabilly to baby's wardrobe. The mother of three, she and her husband own a tattoo shop where she also has her tattoo-themed mom and baby items for sale.
I think this is my favorite...

She's running a promo right now. Anyone who signs up for her newsletter will receive a 5 dollar gift certificate to Boutique Stitches,
20 % OFF all items. Use coupon code BABY at checkout.
Be sure to visit her website, and her blog

I asked Jennett who her favorite Etsy sellers are, and here's what she had to say:

Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies
I love this sellers fabrics!!!!

Have to check out this sellers baby onsies,wow they are amazing!

baby momo
Love these baby items,what great fabrics!


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