Mmm...Rasberry Jam

My friend Anita cans everything. She's got shelves in the basement stocked with ball jars full of homemade yummy goodness...from 3 bean salad, to tomato sauce, with lots in between. She was kind enough to invite us all over on Sunday after church to teach me how to make rasberry jam. Steven and Brian kept a watch over the kids (8 between us) while Anita and I were elbow deep in rasberries.

We started with this...a full flat of fresh rasberries

cooked them down to this

then put it all through a sieve to remove the seeds...this was the hard part...and ended up with this

The final result....mmm...and enough for both of our families to last through winter.

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  1. that looks so yummy, I think I could eat the jam without the crackers!


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