The Funny Things They Say, and the Not So Funny Things They Do

This was a conversation in the car. I was in the passenger seat, and Linus was behind me, kicking my seat.

Me: Linus, stop kicking my seat.

Linus:(Sounding very Italian) "I a kicking you seat"

This was repeated a few times.

Me to Steven: When did he become Italian?

Oliver: Why Italian? Do Italian people kick seats?

Guess you had to be there!

Linus is chuck full of compliments lately. He's always saying "Mama, you my sweeT hearT (capital T's because he emphisizes them). When showing me a picture he drew yesterday, he remarked over and over "Mama, I so proud of you", and "Mama, you my girl".

For all the sweetness he doles out, there is an equal (dare I say greater) amount of trouble. We nearly had another toilet incident like the one in December. Here is the post if you don't remember. He's really into throwing things lately...at people...regardless of their size or ability to cause damage. We no longer allow even the softest of balls in the house as he threw one at the front window on Sunday. Just one more thing to add to the "needs to be fixed" list.

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