Mary Go Round Dress

Two of the most talented seamstresses out there have combined their design talents, and have launched a new line of patterns for children's clothing that I just love. Shelly of Figgy's Kids, and Karen of One Girl Circus are the creative genius behind these heirloom quality designs.

Which one to try first...I was really on the fence. Do I sew something for my own boys, or do I give in and sew something girly? Because I love all things reversible, the Mary Go Round Dress won. I had the fabric washed and ready before the pattern even arrived.

Aside...I rarely use patterns (except pieces here and there) and follow directions, so this was a departure for me. But I know Karen (in real life) and know that I could only improve my skills by imitating her techniques.

Getting started...I cut my fabrics. The pattern piece says cut 2 each of main and lining fabrics (knew this had to be wrong). Looking in the instructions, I saw that cutting 1 of each was correct.

I stitched the shoulder seams, and then both dresses together along the outer edge. I wrapped it around Linus to check length (this is only done when Steven isn't home), and thought it needed additional length...or something that would allow for movement and play without showing panties ;o, so I decided to cut a pair of bloomers to pair with it.

Now the next step is a testament to my inability to properly follow directions. I clipped the armholes, turned them toward the inside, pressed, pinned together, and topstitched...them together. Yes, I should have stitched them separately, and even while I did it was thinking...how am I going to be able to turn this right side out?

After un-sewing 2 armholes...yes, I came to my senses before sewing all 3...I turned, pressed, topstitched. THEN topstitched the armholes which were now messy, messy, messy.

I opted for buttons and an elastic loop closure, and rounded the bottom edges as I do with my own reversible wrap skirts. Added ruffles to the bloomers...because, who doesn't love ruffles?

Since Karen and Shelly are generous enough to allow home sewers to sell their designs, I will surely be making these for my Etsy store, and adding some to my rack at Dandelion's. I think next time I will try using bias tape around the armholes as the pattern suggests as an alternative option. For now, this little number will go to my niece who will not care how messy the armholes look.

Patterns by Figgy's #2??? I think will have to be the board shorts and matching hoodie. While I have my own board short design, theirs is much more trim, and of course...I have to make that hoodie!

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