Playing Catch-Up

Oh it's been a while...how many times have I said that? So much happening, so many changes, so many tests of faith...patience...the whole kit and kaboodle.

I've been doing some more sewing for my own kids. I'm determined to have them in more handmade this summer than store-bought. I started with these alien outfits. Took my board shorts pattern from last summer, and mixed it up a bit. Oliver designed the alien.

I made these pants last year, and was about to list them in the store when I noticed the back had a few splatters of something resembling yellow paint. The green linen is from a recycled table cloth, so it could be just about anything. Happily, I upcycled a tee with a few appliques, and now it's one of Linus' favorites.

Easter was spent in Rockford with family. We had 1 or 2 days of nice weather and took advantage of visiting our favorite park.

While in Rockford my cousin Eileen was diagnosed with colon cancer. She has since had surgery to remove the tumor and will soon start chemo for 6 months. As a wife and mother of 6, anything other than a complete, cancer-free recovery is not an option. Please keep her, and her family in your prayers. Her complete abandon to the will of God is a testament to the strength of her faith. I can't say that I would show the same strength. Anyway, all I can do (aside from pray) is offer to make some hats...so that's what I'm doing.

This one I made because my cousin Steffie, who's a CRNA asked me to make some scrub caps to wear in the OR. But not only is Eileen going to get a couple of these, but I think I may make some for myself. This one matches a skirt I just made for myself (needs tweaking so no pics yet), and the best part is that I can fit ALL of my hair in there. Looks a bit "rasta" too, doesn't it?

So as if all of that isn't enough...there's a move on the horizon. But that's a post for another day. Just pray that our house sells.

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