Earth Hour

My efforts to get everyone to participate in Earth Hour were fruitless. I thought 8 o'clock on a Saturday night was the perfect time. The kids would be winding down for bed etc. Well, I forgot all about it until 7:55, as we were just finishing dinner. Trying to explain why I was running around the house turning everything off was NOT the way to introduce the idea. It was one of those screwy days where we had dinner much later than we normally would, so as the rest of us sat peacefully in the living room, Oliver kept going into the dining room and turning on the light. He wasn't finished with his dinner, and he refused to eat in the dark. The boys wanted Steven to read ghost stories, but couldn't find a flashlight (we only have like...10). So we said our rosary, and then headed up to bed. Oliver proceeded to turn a light on upstairs too. He has a ~thing~ with the dark the last week or so. Who knows what lurks in the dark in the imagination of a precocious 3 year-old! I guess I could have lit some candles, but that's a pretty scary undertaking in a house full of boys. So Earth Hour came and went...our version of it anyway, and our carbon footprint is a tiny bit smaller because of it. :)

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