Linus at 7 months

Boy, you take a few days without posting, and the little one is off to kindergarten! Well, not really, but he's hit a bunch of milestones in such a short period of time. He's saying "dada"...more like "dadadadadada". He squeals with delight now when I pick him up at Becky's which makes a working mom feel good. He's crawling....very fast, and in the last few days he's using his feet more than his knees. I think he really wants to get up and go! Crawling led to pulling up to knees, and then last week, pulling all the way up to standing. This week brought standing and climbing, and standing letting go with one hand, and last night let go with both hands. Last night I also discovered that he has 2 teeth on the bottom. When did that happen, and why was he not cranky? So my mild-mannered, easy-tempered little schmoop is exiting that infant stage waaaayyyy too quickly.

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