Happy Easter

We had a lovely weekend in Rockford. It was the first time being back since my dad's funeral, so I was feeling a bit emotional. We had brunch with some cousins at the Chambers where Oliver participated in his first Easter Egg Hunt; he found the lucky "golden" egg that contained $5. You'd think a 3 year old wouldn't be too interested in money, but at least 2 or 3 times a day he'll ask "hey mom, where's my money"? One thing (and there's a million) that I love about my family is that there's always something musical happening when we're together, regardless of the occassion. I'm posting a snippet of video (Eileen, don't hate me). I just love that WE'RE that family that gathers around the piano when we're all together. I love the pictures of the cousin kids...and this is just a few. I had several to choose from, but had to post the one that had the least number of funny faces. Mary T., Dave, and Sue all came to my moms later where we feasted (again), because all the strata and cinnabons at Eileen's just weren't enough!

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