New Nook

Over the last several months, it has become apparent that my sewing needed it's own place. The dining room was quickly becoming more cluttered than usual as my sewing was taking over and melding with homework, trains, bills etc. I was sick of letting the kids eat in the living room because I didn't want to clear the table of my machine and it's accouterments. Where was I to go? 6 people in 1100 square feet does not leave much room for a studio! The basement was my first thought. Each time I descended the stairs to wash a load of diapers, or retrieve clothes from the dryer, my eyes would dart around, my mind whirling, plotting, scheming. What to do with the 10 years of toys that have accumulated? Could I simply throw all of it away and claim the space as mine? ~Insert sinister laugh~
Steven suggested I take the secretary in the living room. It was the best solution under the circumstances. I love all the little cubbies I have behind my machine. I can't wait to add some shelves to the right, and there's a small space on the other side of the wall where I can put a tall narrow bookcase for my fabric.
It works!

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