2 Down, 7 To Go

I loved the seersucker outfit so much that I decided to raid the men's rack at the thrift store! I brought home 8 shirts, and got them all cut out within a few days. Finding the time to get them all sewn will be something else. It' taken me a week to get this one outfit done. I am however, thrilled to realize that the long-sleeved shirts will yield not only a top and bloomers, but a pair of pants as well. The design needs some tweaking; I'm sure I'll have it down by shirt #8. Once I got the pant legs assembled, I realized that the usual elastic waist wouldn't do because of the shape. So I constructed a waistband creating an opening on the side with a button. Not completely thrilled with the result (I wish I had used blue thread), but impressed that it came out as well as it did. If I can really perfect this process, I may just keep making them and sell them. Steven and I were laughing at the thought of calling them "the baby daddy shirt"....uh....I don't think so.

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