Father's Day Weekend

Although I tried to make it a special weekend for Steven, it was difficult, and I missed my dad. I've been missing him a lot lately, and the old addage about it getting easier with time...well sometimes, but not lately.
Anyway, we had a nice day on Saturday. Kind of took it easy in the earlier part of the day, and then headed to Greenfield Village in the late afternoon.
Linus had his first carousel ride, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I didn't finish the shirt as I had hoped, but I made great strides...it is actually beginning to resemble a piece of clothing. I'm stuck on the collar (that's a post in itself).

The highlight of Steven's weekend, was the poem that Peter wrote for him. It's not often that I see Steven cry, but this one did it.

I took this picture when Steven and I were still dating. I was so touched at how kind and gentle he was, and is as a father. I had the unusual advantage of seeing the kind of father Steven would be to my children before we got married, ad it's one of the reasons I said "yes".

This one I took a couple of months ago....nothing has changed...they are inseperable.

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