What a Wonderful Sunday!

I should knock on wood while posting this as the day isn't over yet! But up to this point it has been so very enjoyable. Linus and I woke up early, and I got to sit in the quiet of the morning and have my coffee while he was busy "exploring". I'm more facinated with each child at the learning process...whatching him play is amazing. So after everyone else rose and dressed for Mass, we were off...late, but what else is new? The children were so good today...well, I'm speaking mostly about Oliver who has been just awful in church lately. Steven or I usually end up sitting in the vestibule for the better part of the Mass so he doesn't disturb everyone. But today, he was pretty good. Fr. Miara, visiting from Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Brookly, NY is always a joy to see. Aside from giving wonderful homilies, it's nice to hear a NY accent again. I actually got to listen to the entire homily too...go figure! The Holy Spirit must have known that I needed it.
Steven's dad came over for dinner, and brought some slow-cooked short ribs...mmmmm. I made corn on the cob (double mmmmmm), and a white bean salad that turned out to be one of my favorite new things. It will be what I take whenever I'm invited to a picnic. It consisted of white beans (duh), fresh basil, chopped tomatoes (I remove the skin), salt, pepper, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, garlic, and fresh mozzarella. Boy, it was yummmmmy! All of the flavors of the food blended together beautifully...it was an exceptional meal.
Sooooo, some updates on other areas of life.

Noah is still in Rockford visiting my mom, and spending time with his cousins, whom he just can't get enough of. I love to see him enjoying them...it's just like when we were kids. Nonie and I were (and still are) so close...we just couldn't wait to see eachother. But I'm missing Noah something awful! I can't wait till he comes home; I'll have to take a day off just to have a Noah and mommy day. Then, he's off to middle school...gosh...middle school. He's sad about leaving Spiritus Sanctus Academy, but eager to see some old friends. I'm confident that he will do very well at Stout.

Peter is thrilled that school is out...go figure! He's been playing baseball this season, and loving it. His coach and the whole team have been great. I've only made a few of the games, but have noticed that there is an incredible show of support and encouragement amongst all the team members. He will be off to middle school in the fall as well, and is equally eager.

Our littlest is walking...yes, walking. Please tell me I don't have to call him a toddler because he's walking...2 toddlers...no way! He is stunningly beautiful ~ I had nothing to do with that, it was God's doing ~ He's getting all of these beautiful flaxen curls on the back of his head, he has 4 teeth, and "talks" up a storm. He says Dada, MMMMAA, and Steven insists that he says kitty kitty, pretty, and a few others (although he's the only one that's heard these other words). I have noticed in the last few days an increase in his vocalizations, and all kinds of new inflections.

Ohhh, to try to squeeze Oliver in a portion of a post, impossible. That child will be the death of me. He has no fear (except thunder, and trains) Real trains are just too big and loud and create the most intense anxiety I have ever seen in such a small child. He's taken to going outside without permission, or a grown up. One night last week, I put him to bed, nursed Linus to sleep and 15 minutes later thought, wow, Oliver went to sleep quickly! Only to find that he quietly put on his sandals, and slipped out the front door in a t-shirt and diaper to play outside with the kids next door.

Steven and I are working tirelessly, and have become, for lack of a better cliche, two ships passing in the night. I have to keep telling myself that it's a means to an end.

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