Welcome Home Noah

My baby is home, thank goodness. Mom and Sue stayed through the weekend at a hotel with a pool, so we hit that with the kids twice. I think our kids had gills in a former life. Noah was thrilled with his new bike, which was essentilly from Larry (he picked it out, and paid for most of it). Hopefully it will take the beating Noah will inflict on it and last through the teen years with just some minor repairs and new tires when needed. Saturday was the birthday celebration day for Noah, and he chose bowling and pizza. So Bill, Julie and the kids joined us for cosmic bowling, and dinner at Pizza Pappalis. We topped the evening off with my mom's famous Chocolate Picnic Cake...mmmm...it was very nostalgic. It has been years since I've had that cake. By the end of the weekend we were all beat, and Peter was getting sick. He wasn't himself all weekend, and then last night developed a fever and had a sore throat. Boy between Steven's tonsillitis, and my mastitis, and now Peter, we're just the "itis" family, aren't we?

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