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With my mother visiting, and the weather being as hot as it was, our activity choices were limited. Since we both love sewing, I suggested we head up to Haberman's in Royal Oak as I had never been, and wanted to check it out. Well, the website hardly does it justice...it was fabric love to the enth degree! The best part (well almost) was that they have a children's play area that had...get this...a big train table with all the Thomas paraphenalia Oliver could ever imagine. My sister got sick of being there before Oliver did. I practically had to drag him out. Oh, what fun!!! Can't wait to go back when I have enough money to buy more than snaps and ribbon.
And as if fabric love is not enough, I came home and found in the mail just what I had been waiting for. My friend Jennifer had told me recently that there was now a Nancy LaMott DVD. She is one of my very favorite singers, and sadly passed away in 1995. They had taken video of live performances from 1978 up to just days before she died and copiled them on this wonderful DVD. I was able to watch some of it, but I was kind of waiting until I have the TV all to myself. It's going to take a glass of wine and a lot of crying to get me through this one. Jenn....I wish you were here to watch with me!!!!
And as if that weren't enough, I got to go to the moview...a grown-up movie. Yes, that's right, no screaming children, no animation. Steven stayed home with the kids on Sunday afternoon while my sister, mom and I went to see Mamma Mia. I knew there was Abba music in it, but I had no idea that it was actually a musical. Fabulous! It was a little over the edge silly in some parts, but well done, and one I'd watch over and over. If for no other reason than to sing along with all the Abba songs that I love soooo much!

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