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I was given (well, lent) this book by a friend over a year ago. She had seen the author speak at a local event, and was so moved by her appearance and the book that she insist I read it. The plan was to read it during my maternity leave, as this happened days before I had Linus. Well, I started it twice, and just never got farther than the 10th page or so. I believe that the internet is to blame for my now lazy style of reading; scanning quickly to find the bits and pieces of information that I'm seeking.
For whatever reason, I put it in my bag as we left to go spend 5 days at my in-laws, and managed to get 50 or 60 pages in during the drive. I found I had to re-train myself to read properly. At about page 40, I finally realized that I was skimming, and missing vital details. I consciously slowed down, and realized that this story deserved my full attention.
Over a year after being given this book, I believe that God inspired me to finally pick it up and read it. 2 days after finishing the book, I was laid off from a job that I've had for almost 5 years. It was a job that I enjoyed, and one that was vital to the economic well-being of our family.
I believe that reading Imaculee's story has altered the way that I'm handling this obstacle, and actually, not seeing so much as an obstacle, but rather a blessing...an open door...an opportunity...a slap on the face. Call it what you will, my heart and mind is open...speak to me Lord.

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  1. Hello! my friend, I was reading your blog today. Sorry you lost your job. Things are tough all over. Love the picures, everyone looks great and I enjoy your writings. Love to everyone, Denise


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