Oliver is Diaper-Free!

I never thought it would happen, but Oliver is POTTY TRAINED! Yes, that's right, the teenage diaper-wearer...ok, so he's only 3 1/2, but having 2 in diapers made it seem like this day would not come. We've been in big boy undies since Wednesday. Stocked up on Spider Man and KungFoo Panda underwear from Target, plus the Thomas ones we bought A YEAR AGO, and we're on our way. The only accident he's had was last night after he was already in bed in a pull-up, he pooped. I have a feeling that it may be awhile before he voluntarily does that on the potty.
So last night he was out front playing with the neighbor kids. It was a nice cool evening, so everyone was outside in the neighborhood. From inside I heard Oliver's side of an argument, and he just kept saying "I AM a big boy, I AM a big boy". By the time I got to the door to see what the ado was, he had pulled down his shorts to reveal his big boy underwear to the girl next door. "See...see...I have on Spiderman underwear", he said. The little girl, who I wouldn't normally consider modest, had her hands over her eyes.

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