Busy, Busy, Busy

I've taken on a number of projects. Some in the works, some just in the planning stages, some no more than an idea/sketch in my notebook, but all filling my plate just the same. Speaking of filling my plate...I made yummy bread pudding yesterday. I had a LLL meeting and didn't want to go empty-handed, but needed to use what I already had at home, and since bread seems to be plentiful in our house this week, I thought I'd give it a go. Not really following a recipe except for the proportion of milk to eggs, I improvised quite a bit. Rather than using just cinnamon, I used pumpkin pie spice, cubed up the rest of my homemade bread, and added some organic whole grain from Meijer. It looked a little lonely after coming out of the oven, so I sauteed some thinly sliced apple with a little butter and organic sucanat creating a kind of carmel-apple glaze. It was quite a big hit!

But I digress...I was speaking of projects. I'm almost done with my 2-day project of going through clothes. For the little ones, this is a 2 or 3 times per year event. This time I tackled ALL (and there were several) of the garbage bags of hand-me-downs in the basement, and went through all of the baby clothes too. I ended up with 1 "space bag" of baby stuff to keep, 1 bag for Linus for spring/summer 2009, and 1 bag of nice things over size 4T that I want to use for Oliver and Linus. Without having to go shopping, both of their dressers are nearly full. Oliver just needs a couple pair of pants, and voila! Only 4 more closets and dressers to go...I'll start on mine next week.

I didn't get nearly the amount of sewing done while visiting my mom that I thought I would. I finished one tunic/pant outfit, and started a dress that I'm complicating by using the flowers off of a vintage hankie to applique. There's the new diaper bag/purse I want to make from the Drawing Room fabric that's been calling me for months, and of course the matching outfits for Oliver and Linus from the beautiful japanese train fabric. With all this, what did I do last night? I sat and sketched 3 new designs. I had to get them down before I forgot, and I'm so eager to get started that I want to push everything else aside to do so. Prioritizing is not my strong point...creatively anyway.

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