Mmm...Japanese Fabric

I've had this Trefle train fabric for months that I got from one of my co-ops. Determined to use it on my own children, I mulled over a design, and mulled even more over a coordinating fabric. Right under my nose, I had a beautiful Ralph Lauren plaid shirt. It's the same plaid that my grammar school uniform was made from...even the same weight which is perfect as the Trefle is a canvas weight. After playing around with a few designs, this is what I came up with. I had just enough to make matching outfits for both Oliver and Linus. Linus was so used to wearing shorts and lightweight fabrics, that he immediately pulled them up to his thighs. I should have Oliver's completed by this evening, and my hope is that they can wear them to church on Sunday ~weather permitting~. I found a couple of Peter Pan collar off-white shirts at Meijer...in the girls department, but they'll never know...shhhh.

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