According to Oliver

When getting shoes and socks etc. so we can go out...
Oliver: Well...my preference is to have socks and no boots, but shoes.

Later in the car...
Oliver: I'm a scholar not a meatloaf.
Jill: Did you say scholar?
Oliver: Yes
Jill: Do you know what a scholar is?
Oliver: Sure, but I'm not a meatloaf because it's not....(trails off and gets distracted)
I'm still not sure where this came from, or where it was going.

A few minutes later Oliver sings his version of "We Will Rock You"...
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you
But on your face
You know it's not like grace
So it's
We will we will rock you
(this repeats over and over again for a good 5 minutes as I discourage the older boys from correcting him)

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