New Outfit for Oliver

Oliver has just sprouted out of everything this winter. Suddenly everything is too short, yet when I buy a 5T, he complains that they are too long. He is *very* picky about the bottom of his pants fall. If it's even close to his toes...there's a song and dance involved.

So digging into the stash of clothes I have laying around for the purpose of RE-purposing, I got to work on this little creation. The plaid fabric is from an old pair of Peter's pants, and the rest was from old maternity clothes.

Now the set in sleeves were my first attempt, and aside from a small pucker on the left shoulder, I'm happy with the result. However, I have discovered that sewing sleeves feels like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. I was truly amazed when I finished, turned and pressed, that it actually looked like a sleeve!

And since they are for my little "engineer", I included a couple of train appliques. I'm in love with adding appliques...it's a great way to use scraps.

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