Craving a Routine

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My friend Lee posted a link to Simplemom.net and this post regarding routine. How providential!! I have been craving some sort of routine with the kids lately. When I was first laid off in August, I put off structuring my day thinking I'd be getting a new job quickly, so why bother? Now, it's to the point where I am overwhelmed with the amount of time I have during the day, and the number of tasks that I have to do. There are days when I know that the kids have watched *way* too much TV. It's PBS, but still TV. Shame, shame...they're watching SUPER Y as we *speak*.

One of my challenges is the age difference between Oliver and Linus. Oliver no longer takes naps, and Linus will take 1 sometimes 2, and they are rarely more than 30 to 45 minutes. He would sleep for over an hour if I slept with him on my chest...but who has time for that? Ok, I do indulge sometimes and nap with him. Oliver and I like to do craft projects, which are virtually impossible with a 19 month old hanging around. Linus is into everything, and will eat anything in his path. Having scissors, paints etc. out while he is awake is out of the question!

Sometimes it is 2:00 before I realize I haven't fed the kids lunch yet. My only excuse...Oliver usually tells me when he's hungry. Throw into the mix that on days when Steven works evenings, I feel less obligated to prepare a formal dinner. It's often soup, sandwiches, etc.

So I'm off to scour Tsh's blog and hope that therein lies the secret to getting it all together. I'm good with lists...I should start there...lists are good!

Oh my gosh...she has downloads here. How cool!!!

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