As much as I enjoy sewing, I just despise some parts of the process. Tracing and cutting out patterns is right up there. Ironing runs a close second...although I've learned that my finished product is far better if I iron when (during construction) I'm supposed to.

This project will be the death of me...oh yes, the drama of it all! Matching Easter outfits for my 4 year-old, and my 19 mo. old. Since I'm broke, new patterns are out of the question, so I got out the only issue of Ottobre that I own.
Hint ~ a subscription to this magazine is a WONDERFUL gift idea for me, and can be found at The Wooley Thread (women's and kids issues pretty please).

Easter clothing process

"It's just going to be a couple of pairs of knickers and vests" is all I said. Then, realizing that Ottobre made the patterns for one kids size and not the other. This means modifications, and I'm too much of a novice to think that I can modify an Ottobre pattern. Look at those pattern sheets...look!

Well, I'll stop whining now, and update when I've made some progress. My goal is to have all the fabric cut by the end of the weekend so that I can begin to sew on Monday. I swear...someday I'm going to teach my husband how to trace and cut patterns AND cut out the fabric. What do you think of that?

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  1. from a really new "poster" I have fallen in "luv" with your site, I have been sewing for a long time but I have only just found you and am througly thrilled with the idea of reconstruction U r a boon or mayhap I should say "BOOM" to my thinking process. I have long been a tightwad/recycler/thrift store-aholic. Why has it never occured to me to repurpose an article of clothing?? what is the matter with my thought processes?? WOW I just can't believe the wonderful maze of things I have found on the computer since finding your site. Have you thought of buying recycled sewing patterns at the thrift store? I buy them all the time, at least 60 70% of them have never been opened. usually priced at 25cents. unfortuantely I have way more patterns than I ever use. but I figure "what the hey" at a quarter so what or hehe maybe I should say "sew what" oh my I am "sew" clever this morning. Maybe I could be "Georgia" Carlin Oh grasping for humor at this hour. I am desperately searching for sewing friend in my area hello anybody out there????


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