I Swear I Posted Pictures of Easter

I've been so busy, and despite my last post, I'm no more organized now than I was then. First...family. We had a blessed Easter, and spent the weekend at my mother-in-laws. We left Noah and Peter there to spend their spring break with the understanding that "what happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's". The children looked great dspite only one of them being in handmade garb...shame on me.

3 Easter 09

In case you can't tell, Oliver is the one who got the handmade outfit. I was uber happy with the final result, but getting there was ALL drama. I blogged about it at Covered Button Cabaret if you care to read the saga. He looked unbelievably cute!

Oliver. Easter outfit modeled

And what would Easter be without an egg hunt?
This is what happens when you leave the hiding to two 11 year-olds.

Egg hunt 7

I think we tried to get Violet in this one too, but she wasn't cooperating. Peter and Noah look as if they're nursing a chocolate hangover and it's only 2pm.


We certainly had the best weather we've had on Easter for as long as I can remember. Spring was everywhere.

daffoldil 3


And adding this one just because it's sooo cute!

Oliver and Linus on the fence

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