About That Mullet

Disclaimer ~ Just for fun, not meant to be uncharitable!
What does your child's haircut say about you? Does it say anything? Is it relative to who you are, what kind of parent you are, your own likes or dislikes? Does it scream champagne and caviar, or Budweiser and boxed mac and cheese?

Ah...thoughts inspired by a trip to McDonald's for lunch...one with a Playplace. It is the 3rd dreary, rainy day in a row, it's spring break, and we went at noon...you do the math. Alas, the subjects for this study were plentiful.

What inspired me was the boy with the mullet. I don't see too many of those anymore, but we were at a McDonald's kind of bordering the "downriver" area of Metro Detroit, so anything goes. Now, the mullet carries with it a stigmatism of sorts, does it not? Yet parents willingly cut their child's hair this way.

If you are from Mars, or didn't live through the 80's and so are not familiar with the mullet, see below.

As I sat pondering all of this ~ while trying to keep an eye and ear out for my own children ~ I scanned the room discretly, in an attempt to identify the mother of the mullet-child. I honed into my alter ego as a socialogist, and was sure I had her spotted. She was a quasi-attractive woman in her late 30's, early 40's who had shoulder-length hair "feathered" on the sides, wearing stone-washed jeans neatly tucked into her slouch socks.

Just then...they mullet-child yelled out "mommy", and ran to another woman. Gasp! I was wrong! The mullet-child mommy was not the woman in the Van Halen concert t-shirt. In fact, she looked like a "TV" mom. Very pretty, put-together, well-dressed in current yet understated clothing...hmm. I bet if I followed her outside she'd get into one of those trendy cross-over vehicles with a GPS, built in DVD player in the back, and despite having 3 other children it is spotless...no cherrios on HER floors.

Feeling somewhat defeated, it was time to round up my kids and leave before I look around and find someone studying ME! Who, by the way was looking very Bohemian in a long crinkle skirt, clogs, tousled hair, and a baby with blond curly hair so long that everyone thinks he's a girl...so who's look needs an update? Just then, in walks a family with 2 boys who were about 4 and 7. Don't you know...they both had on black acid-washed jeans, camoflage jackets, and drumroll........matching mohawks!

Off to get Linus a haircut...well maybe tomorrow.

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