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I WON"T get discouraged, I WON"T get discouraged, I WON"T, I WON"T, I WON"Tt get discouraged.

If someone had told me that I wouldn't sell one item at the Green Street Fair, I wouldn't have believed them. And that, my friends is exactly what happened. I thought it was the perfect venue to enter the street fair scene...my line of clothing is all about "green".

My heart just sinks when I think of all the preparation I put into this. I had planned to concentrate on some small, low-priced items during the last couple of days before the fair, and then we had a death in the family. My husband's grandfather died (RIP, Walter L. Andrews), and of course, our family focus had to change a bit. Despite my sister coming from IL to help me for the weekend, those last few days before the fair were a complete loss creatively. Since the funeral was on Saturday (yes, I managed to do both), my husband, having all the kids with him, would need the van. My display possibilities were limited to whatever I could fit in a Chevy Aveo.

My sister and I headed out early with what little we had, set everything up, and just as the fair started I left to go to the funeral. God bless my husband who was supportive of my endeavor, let me leave after the Mass and skip the cemetery and subsequent reception so that I can return to the fair.

The weather was beautiful, and the crowd was friendly and very receptive to my ideas. My designs created quite a buzz...people were gathering and ooh'ing and aahh'ing. I handed out a lot of business cards, and hope that at the very least, it will increase the traffic to my store.

So....do I attempt another? Do I keep things online? I haven't committed to any others yet, but will check out the Grosse Pointe Park Farmer's Market a week from Saturday. A friend who lives there thinks that I'd be a big hit.

Time to give my kids and husband more than 5 minutes of my time, get my house in order (which was thoroghly ignored for 3 weeks), plant my garden, and enjoy my Mother's Day weekend. Next week I will prepare to give it another go.

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