Recap of Summer Events

Had I posted once a week or so, I wouldn't feel overwhelmed at the prospect of cramming most of the summer into one post. That's me...the picture next to the definition of "procrastinator" in the dictionary. In my defense, I did start a post last month covering part of the summer...thought I saved a draft, but NO. Surely I was distracted by some little imp needing a diaper change, a drink of something, a snack, or the oh so distinctive sound of the kitchen garbage can being overturned. That being said...here goes...and it's going to be quick...more pictures, less words.

Summer started with a trip to Rockford, IL to visit family. We have a membership to the Detroit Science Center which gained us access to many other museums. Our kids went to LOTS of museums this summer.

~Burpee Museum of Natural History, Rockford, IL~

~Discovery Center Museum, Rockford, IL~

~Field Museum, Chicago, IL~

~Nature Preserve (across the street from my mother's house), Loves Park, IL~
These are by far some of my favorite photos of the summer.

~Detroit Science Center~
Just me and Noah before he left to spend the summer in NJ with Larry.

~Lots of play time with cousins and friends~

Said goodbye to an old friend....

...and hello to a new one (new to us anyway).

~Kensington Metro Park~
...we were there quite a bit

Ok, so there's quite a bit more...but I'm just going to have to do it in 2 posts (or more).

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