While the Boys Were Away....

boys room curtains
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Without the older boys underfoot, I had the opportunity to get in their bedroom and give a good cleaning, and a bit of a facelift. The batik curtains I made a few years ago when I made the bedspreads, but I always thought the basic tie-back with ruffle top looked too feminine. Plus when making them, I ran out of fabric and had a curainless window (to the left of the bed), as I could never find the same fabric. So I took the 4 panels of fabric that I did have, and created an updated look by hanging them above the old rod pocket, eliminating the ruffle top, and using the tie-backs to give a shade effect, securing them with groovy green buttons.

I still love the bedspreads I made a few years ago, but having become a more seasoned sewer since then, I notice all the flaws. The photo doesn't do the fabric justice...it's a stretchy, "hairy" verigated fabric that I backed with some cozy fleece. The texture is really cool, and reminds me of the fur on Sully from Monsters, Inc. Peter has Asperger's and just loves things with texture, fringe, hair, etc. Notice the tie-die pillowcases to match.

They already have a lava lamp, so I'm hoping to run across a bean bag on Craigslist or Freecycle to toss in a spot I've cleared for that very thing.

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