Another Oliver Story (about...you know what)

So I have a funny story, but have to give a little not-so-funny background information to set the stage.
Some of you know us well enough to know (and those that don't can turn around here, and go back from whence you came if you're grossed out by kids with poop issues)that Oliver is a little anal retentive...really...does not like to go and will avoid it at all cost. Well, I was visiting my mother a few weeks ago, and late one evening wound up in the ER with Oliver who had be writhing in pain saying that his left "hip" hurt (it was really his left lower quadrant). Knowing his...ahem...poopy issues, I was sure that was not the issue as he had gone earlier that day, and the day before. So I was pretty worried having no idea as to what could be causing my little one so much pain.
Here we are...my mother, Linus, me and Oliver walking into the ER at 11:30 at night. By the way...shout out to St. Anthony's Medical Center for getting us in and out so quickly. After an x-ray...sure enough...his poor belly was chuck-full of poo. Got a quick drink of sodium bicarbonate and off we went. The whole episode turned Oliver's life around, and I'm happy to say, he goes every morning after breakfast like a little trooper. Heee, hee...I could go off here, but I'll refrain.
Fast forward to Friday. We stopped at McDonald's on the way to my in-laws. Mostly because I had to make a pitstop, but with a car full of boys yelling, "yeah McDonald's...can we get shakes...I want a toy...fy, fy"...that last bit was Linus asking for "fries"...well what are we to do. I was peacefully eating my own fries when suddenly Oliver leaps out of the play structure and yells across the restaurant, "Mom, I didn't do my morning poop. It started, but hasn't hit my underwear yet!" So after turning a whole new shade of red (I'll have to call Crayola), we took care of business, and while washing his hands (in a full restroom) says "I can't believe I forgot about my morning poop...how silly of me".
Yes, silly indeed...this is my life!

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