Oliver Starts School

Oliver started pre-school a few weeks ago, and shame on me for waiting 3 weeks to post about such a momentous occasion. We decided on CHUP (Cherry Hill Presbyterian Co-op Preschool). My niece attended 2 years ago and had a wonderful experience AND because it's a co-op it's extremely affordable. With the co-op experience also comes LOTS of parental involvement...that's why it's affordable. So there are days when I have to "work" in one of the rooms, make play-doh, bring snacks etc.. I have also been assigned the task of webmaster for the year.

Here he is on his first day.

I was there with him for the first 2 days as all the moms stay for day 1, and day 2 was my first day as class mom. After his first day alone, I asked how he did and if he was at all nervous to which he answered..."not at all, I was so happy. I was so happy inside it was like there were showers of happiness raining down in my insides, just raining, raining. Well, I guess that says it all.

Our first field trip (there is one every month) was this past Monday. Let me just say that prior to that day, every day, even if chilly in the morning, has warmed up to over 70...I dressed us both accordingly.
I spent 2 hours at the apple orchard getting the "looks" from other moms, dressed for the Iditerod mind you, because my kid is in shorts. Who the heck knew that we'd go from summer to winter overnight? In my defense, he was wearing boots as I knew it would be muddy. Aside ~ the other moms are actually very nice, and just felt bad...that I DIDN'T WATCH THE WEATHER REPORT!
It was worth the frostbite just for the donuts, and we'll be making apple pie later in the week!

And I have to mention that he's becoming quite the arteest. Here is a picture he painted of Steven holding a snake. Why? Because Steven has this thing (obsession...gasp...did I say that?) about looking for snakes every time we go walking or hiking somewhere. The other painting I believe they did with marbles. Lovely, aren't they?

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