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Lentils, in any form be it red, green, mini, or secret are my favorite legume. Secret? Oh I could go on trying to be clever, but I'd rather get to the business of talking about Helen, aka Secret Lentil, and all of the perfectly yummy garments she creates that somehow would be more appropriately named after desserts if you ask me. But since nobody is asking, and she comes up with her own very clever names....
Let's just start with the fact that she deconstructs and reconstructs, calling her creatiions "protective gear for your internal revolution". I'm all over it!!!

She doesn't so much sew as she sculpts with fabric. She even uses the word at times when describing the shape of some of her garments, and rightly so. Her ecclectic style includes lots of what she calls "pod pockets" (love 'em), outside serged edges in colorful threads, asymmetrical lines and mix of colors that is rivaled only by a bowl of all my favorite ice creams put together.

Helen works out of her warehouse studio in Syracuse, NY, plays bass guitar, and has a self-proclaimed loud and strange laugh. She just added a dressing room and welcomes visitors who will get first dibs on whatever she has in stock. As I'm in MI, I don't think I'll be visiting soon, but when I do I'll bring her a cake and some coffee, and we'll sew and eat cake and drink coffee all day long...and then I woke up, cuz my kids would wipe their jelly and pizza crusted hands all over everything!

Here are some of my favorites. Let me just say, narrowing it down was no small task.

1. Know Your Carmen Miranda Rights, 2. air-conditioned hepburn, 3. Homage to Dr. Zoidberg, 4. the grass is greener (reconstructed sweater), 5. langoustina, 6. earthenware reconstructed shirt, 7. morning glory dress, 8. Daphne Is No Shrinking Violet

No go and show lentil love. Visit her Etsy store here, her website here, her blog here, her flickr photos here, her Facebook Page here, and if I'm missing anything...shame on me.

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