Big Boy Tasks

Ever since Oliver started pre-school, his desire to really learn to read has increased significantly. He's been reading some simple 3 and 4 letter words for quite a while, but didn't get much past that. Well, something just clicked with him, and he's off. It's so much fun to watch him...everywhere we go, he points out words and reads...even grafitti...yay!

We were heading to my in-laws this weekend to celebrate Peter's (yesterday) and Steven's (today) birthdays. I asked Oliver if he'd like to pack his own bag and his eyes widened with excitement. I made him a list of items, told him to place the items on my bed and then make a check mark next to that item on the list.

The shirt and pants he chose were not "church appropriate", but I didn't say a word, he was too proud of himself. Instead I just explained that what he packed would be for play, and that I forgot to put church clothes on the list and would pack them for him.

Funny thing is, he's probably been capable of doing this kind of thing for a long time, but because I don't think anyone else packs the "right" way, I do it for them. It's only recently that I've let the 12 year-olds pack for themselves. It's just annoying to get somewhere and find that you have to wash their underwear in the sink every night because they've forgotten to pack any...not that they care. Jeesh!

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