Busy Week

No, we haven't enrolled Linus in hockey. The poor thing has been cursed with "bad" teeth. A small chip this past summer turned into a recurring abscess which his dentist attempted to rectify twice with antibiotics and 4 pulpotomies. The battle was lost, and so is his tooth. Bless his heart. Despite being our most rambunctious child, he is the BEST dental patient. He loves Dr. John, and according to his staff, is the most cooperative patient they've ever had. He also produces an abundance of high acid-producing bacteria which has subjected him to no less than 6 cavities. We pray that his adult teeth are more healthy.

On a lighter note...happy birthday to me...I got a new serger! I'm more excited than you can imagine. However, to make room for it, I've had to do some reorganizing which is still ongoing. Steven took the children to the Science Center yesterday for a few hours and I got a large portion of it done. A trip to IKEA for my work space table, and I'll be back in business. I think it's been 2 weeks since I've made anything, and my work is piling up.

You know your a mom when your grocery list is written in crayon on a piece of coloring book paper.

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