Oliver Turns 5

Last Sunday we celebrated Oliver's 5th birthday. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday when he was placed on my belly and I yelled "it's a boy"! Steven and I remember the moment differently, but I know that the way I remember is the way it happened. Those moments of birth are etched into our memories in ways that men don't understand (sorry Honey).
We went to Jungle Java with cousins Lydia and Violet, and then out for pizza. Of course, a dinosaur cake was requested. It was a bit of a cop out. My plan was to do a whole scene with sculpted dinosaurs and a volcano, but time got away from me.

When we asked what he would like for his birthday, he said to surprise him (I love that). Since he's uber active, a new bike was in order. Thank goodness the weather this week has been bike riding friendly...I can't seem to get him to come in the house.

I was finally able to get a handle on the reorganization required to accomodate my new serger. I'm almost finished, but here is what things look like at this point. I used the leaf from a table that we no longer have as a shelf, and the brackets that are holding it up have lovely scrolling on the side in which sits a dowel I found in the basement to hold ribbon and my scissors. I love my new table...$20 at IKEA...can't beat that! One more trip for a new chair on wheels and I'll be really happy.

Noah and Peter seem to be having similar issues in school this year...on and off. We seem to be on a bit of an upswing again...thank goodness! So on a positive note, I thought I'd show off some of their recent work. Noah has become very interested in art and science this year. Some of his work is very abstract...but that's not surprising.

Peter spent time with his Pere Pere (Karen's dad) last Saturday who owns a metal shop. He came home proudly displaying his accomplishments.

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Sigh...they can be wonderful...can't they? The same day, they also did a bedroom remodel. I'm not pleased, but I've been told I have to let it go.

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