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I love getting hand-me-downs. This little lovely was given to me by my friend Anita who got a new one for Mother's Day.

This past weekend the boys practiced putting their tent up. We wanted to make sure that they would be able to do it alone. With 2 tents and a gazebo to erect...they're going to have a bit of work to do.

I created this little number (well one like it) for my cousin Amy who needed a baby shower gift with "no pink". It's created quite the buzz, and I've had a few other orders since...Thanks Amy!

I love when people put little girls (babies especially)in colors that aren't girly. To that end, I can't imagine why I still haven't sold this little number. I think I made this 2 years ago, and it's been in the store since. Someone buy this...please!

And look at the ruffles on the back of the bloomers!!!

What else....oh, I got a new camera for Mother's Day, and none too soon. I retired my old one to Noah, and the next day it went caput! These are a couple of my favorite pics taken with it so far.

Oh and speaking of patterns. I've just ordered this, and purchased yardage allowing Oliver and Linus to "help" pick out what they want. I can't wait for it to arrive and get going.

Oh, I hear Linus waking and calling for me...motherhood beckons!

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