Our New Home

Last weekend we headed out to the new house. I want to get everything cleaned before moving all of our things in. Steven insists that moving is simply "throwing everything in boxes and putting them on a truck". Funny, isn't he? We all know it's a little more involved than that. Luckily because we're in such a small space now, I'm pretty organized, but it's still a lot of work. So here are some pictures previewing our new space.

This is my favorite feature...A MUD ROOM! With 4 boys who are forever coming in the house covered in water, dirt, snow etc., this room is simply the best.

The kitchen offers lots more space than I'm used to. Cabinets galore...yay!

Dining Room

Living Room

Parlor/Study (Steven's Oasis)

My Sewing Room...needs wallpaper removal and a coat of paint, but LOTS of space for my machines, and I can finally have a cutting table! No more bending over the dinning room table tracing and cutting.

Here are the bedrooms. Noah and Peter could have each had their own, but quickly decided to continue sharing (neither wanted the small room). Small room or not, I think they're just used to it, and would miss eachother. We'll finally have a quest room! We have some paper removal and painting to do up here as well (except for the Master).

We have a great yard that's fenced-in, thank goodness! This is a photo of the overgrown Japanese Garden. I'll have lots of fun getting that cleaned out...there's a pond in there somewhere which right now is inhabitied by frogs, which of course, the boys think is great. Let's hope I don't find one in my bed!

We've found an excellent school for Noah and Oliver in Marshall. The Marshall Academy is a charter school about 20 minutes away, and is K-12, so I have only 1 stop! Noah will go from being 1 or 250 to 1 of 25, Oliver will just LOVE the kindergarten program, and they offer Latin...oh boy!

Our house is only 1 block from the main street in town, and we're within walking distance of the library, the park, and my in-laws. Steven and I may get a date night more often than once a year...woo hoo!! And of course, Kids-n-Stuff is right around the corner. It's Oliver's favorite thing about Albion, and I'm sure we'll be spending lot's of time there.

We have to be all settled before school starts, so we've got a busy summer ahead...off to do some packing.

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