What Are They Teaching In Kindergarten These Days?

Oliver has suddenly tapped into his artistic side. However...and that is a BIG however...his inspiration seems to come when holding permanent marker, and with no paper in site, he draws on what is available. That may be the wall, the window, the furniture, the ivory upholstered chairs in my mother in laws formal dining room...just about anything.

Anyhoo...my mother in law suggested that he may be stressed out from going to school all day long. So since his school offers full or half-day kindergarten, I thought I'd ask him what he thought. Our brief conversation went like this:

Me: Oliver...is going to school all day, every day too much for you? Do you think you'd like to go half-day on some days?

Oliver: Sure...like Landon and Hunter D.? (the initial is because there is indeed, more than 1 Hunter in his class)

Me: Yes. Maybe you can go all day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and half-day on Tuesday and Friday.

Oliver: Hmm...typical A/B pattern.

Me: Ummm...yea.


  1. He's clearly a genius.

    My li'l guy goes half days. We don't have full day Kindergarten here. I'm not sure he could handle it anyway! He already tells me that school takes fooorrreeeeevvver. His words, not mine. LOL!

  2. Sounds like maybe he needs to be teaching kindergarten. : )

  3. And he is in kindergarten? What do they teach him there? Maybe they are over-educating him at a very young age, and he really is stressed because of it? Might be. or maybe the teachers just never told him not to use permanent markers on other than what it was intended for. Who knows. Anyway, I think he is a genius too! :) Lots of hugs from me to you and him! XoXo, Flora


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