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Oliver found his creative side a bit ago, and proceeded to take a marker to all things but paper. The worst of it was my mother-in-law's dining room chair.

So off to the fabric store I went, with a swatch of her wallpaper in hand, and a few measurements. I settled on "turkey red" quilting cotton as it was only $4.99/yd, AND I had a 40% off coupon. Having never made chair covers, I thought...I'm not spending a lot of money if I'm going to flub it up. I made a few sketches, and traced the seat to make a pattern. Of course he couldn't pick a chair with a square or rectangular seat...it had to be scalloped...really?

I used some tan sheeting I had laying around to line the back. It is essentially like a pillowcase, but I added a triangular piece that wraps around the bottom and buttons in the back. I love the way this looked, and it was super-easy. The skirt was a challenge...*all* that gathering...jeez! And just because I didn't want the turkey red chair to feel like the odd chair out, I covered 2 so it looks like they're supposed to be different from the others. Guess what she wants for Christmas? Covers for the other 6!!!

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