More Figgy's For Linus

I knew if I bought a new pattern it would give me the impetus to get through some of the unfinished items in my queue. After finishing 3 of them, I rewarded myself by diving into a t-shirt pattern. Within an hour, I had 2 sizes traced, and 4 shirts cut out. Since one of the unfinshed items that I got around to was a pair of pants meant for Christmas, I decided to make a shirt to match (too late now for the intentioned turtle neck and vest).
The size 2/3 pants are still huge on my smaller than normal 3 1/2 year old, but that means they may just fit next fall too. Next is one for Oliver who when asked what embellishment he wanted, requested an "R". Confused, he clicked his tongue at me and said "well, Linus is Batman, I'll be Robin".

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