Oliver's 6th Birthday

Although a few weeks late, we finally celebrated Oliver's 6th birthday. He asked for an art-themed party at Kids n Stuff. I knew immediately that I wanted to design the cake to include my favorite painting of his. I took it to the printer and had them reduce it so that I didn't have to make a double sheet cake just to accomodate the painting. The cake was not nearly as elaborate as my original design, but I just didn't have the time to do everything I wanted. He asked for vanilla and chocolate with a cream cheese filling. Since he was giving me carte blanche on the icing, I got crazy and made a rootbeer buttercream (it wasn't very rootbeer-y...will have to tweek that recipe). I made the palate out of fondant, and used primary color decorator icing for the border and "paint". Each guest was provided an easel (we got these from IKEA for .99 ea), and a 5x7 canvas, and got to do their own painting to take home. Our party room was right next to the art room which was very convenient. The kids all had a great time, and everyone seemed to leave happy! Aside...It was the first time Oliver invited school friends, and I think it will be the last unless I know the parents personally. Of the 6 that were invited, only ONE responded (2 hours before), and was the ONLY ONE TO SHOW UP! What happened to social etiquette? Thankfully, Oliver didn't seem to care. Between family friends and cousins, we had quite a crowd. Yes, our overly-ambitious 6 year old was very happy indeed.

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